Keepsake Necklace - Grandma and Granchild

What the Antiques Roadshow Can Teach Us About Our Own Keepsakes

Uncovering Treasures on the Antiques Roadshow I happened to recently catch an episode of the Antiques Roadshow a few nights ago. Although I didn’t find it to be exactly riveting entertainment, I had to pause and watch just a little bit. After all, everyone has heard about the Antiques Roadshow. I watched in awe, as…

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Loving Father Garth Callaghan

Can Something Ordinary Become Extraordinary?

How A Father Turned An Ordinary Object Into An Extraorindary Act Of Love I recently read a very touching article about a Dad that wrote 826 napkin notes to his daughter after learning he had only an 8% chance to live longer than 5 years. He has always written notes on a napkin for her…

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